Step 1: Please read through our website. Contact us via phone/whatsapp/facebook OR email us to schedule an enquiry visit.

Step 2: Visit our school with your child to help you make an informed decision.

Step 3: When you have been informed of a seat availability (if you are on Wait List – for N2, K1 and K2 classes), or received a SMS from us on notification of Registration Opening (if you have been on Interest List – for N1 class), call us to reserve a seat and complete the enrollment process by completing the registration form with payment of confirmation fee.

Step 4: Attend an orientation.

We really want to talk to you!

It is therefore very important for us to meet you only when we have the right resources available to attend to you, and at a time when we do not have to put our children’s safety at risk. We therefore is unable to attend to any unscheduled visits and every Enquiry visit will have to be by appointment basis. Kindly call us in advance, or email us for a scheduled visit.

A visit to our school is vital to completing the admission application process. However, an admission application does not guarantee an offer of a seat in the school, as it depends on the availability of a seat for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us to find out more on the availability of the program suitable to your child.

Make an appointment for an Enquiry Visit to our school. We welcome parents to visit us and to find out more about us, about our Montessori inspired approach and what inspire us to do this. Enquiry Visits are available by appointment and are scheduled during non peak hours on weekdays only.

The security of our children and the school is our highest priority, thus we are unable to accommodate random walk-in visits into our school. We hope you understand our effort to provide a safe environment for our children.

1. The enrollment for Nursery 1 (3 years old) is open in August of the year BEFORE the child turns 3 years old, i.e. If your child is turning 3 years-old in 2019, the enrollment into N1 class of 2019 will open in August 2018. We maintain an Interest List for children who are keen to join us the year they turn 3 years old.

On the day of our Registration Opening, we will send out a mass text message (SMS) to parents of the first 10 children in the interest list (batch 1). Parents are advised to reply to confirm a seat with us as soon as possible. If there is still availability after 24 hours upon the first mass SMS, we will send a mass text message (SMS) to the second batch of 10 children in the interest list (batch 2). This process continues until all seats are filled up

As seats are very limited, we strongly advise parents to come in for an enquiry visit prior to August each year if you would like your child to join in the following academic year. This is to help parents make an informed and involved decision about choosing a school that is suitable to the child and align with the parents’ education ideology.

Upon receiving the SMS, parents who would like to confirm a seat with us will need to call in for an appointment to complete the registration form and make the relevant confirmation fee. This will be on first come first served basis. The enrollment fee together with the rest of the fees will be paid prior to the commencement.

Your child can be in our interest list the moment he/she is born. We had parents asking us to put their child in our list when the child was still in mummy’s tummy. We were flattered but had to politely turn down the unborn baby.

For Nursery 1, we have 3 commencement dates in a year:

  • January, for children turning 3 years old in the month of January to June,
  • March, for children turning 3 years old in the month of July to September,
  • June, for children turning 3 years old in the month of October to December

Confirmation of seats are to be done in August of the year BEFORE the child turns 3 years old.

We are very blessed with strong recommendations that contribute to wait lists for most of our programmes (Nursery 2, Kinder 1, Kinder 2 and Day Care)

You may call us to have your child’s name included in our Waiting List. We also welcome parent and child to do an enquiry visit to our school. After the visit, if you are keen to sign up for a programme that is currently full, you can request to have your child’s name be placed in our waiting list.