After School Enrichment Programmes

Our after school daycare programme is a service extension to our Nursery and Kindergarten programmes that run in the morning. Parents have the below options to choose from:

  • Lunch and 1-hour Extended Care
  • Lunch, Shower and 1.5-hour Extended Care
  • Half-Day Extension till 6:30 pm, with lunch and snack provided.

In The Oak Tree Children’s House, we strive to provide a safe and hygienic place for our children. We take disease control very seriously and have a standard SOP that we follow very strictly. We are proud to claim that we have been having zero disease outbreaks, zero school closure due to HFMD, Influenza, or Chicken Pox, since year 2014, thanks to great cooperation between school and like-minded parents.

Our meals are cooked in house with balance and junk-free diet in mind. You won’t get to find MSG, oyster source or canned food in our kitchen and the flavour of our meals come from the natural sweetness of the ingredients.