Our Philosophy

We adopt the Montessori method which focusses on the child’s experience lead by self-directed activities. The environment is prepared to adapt to the child’s developmental abilities. From early days, emphasis is paid on learning from stimulating all the five senses, as we believe that sensorial learning facilitates the natural curiosity to learn. By employing purposeful play, children learn to investigate, create and explore the world around them. By deploying the two core subject areas in the Montessori framework namely Sensorial and Practical Life, lays the foundation for all of our children’s early years learning.

While employing the Montessori approach as our core pedagogy, we are also conscious of the necessary requirements bridging our children to mainstream primary schooling. Therefore, without losing the essence of Montessori approach we carefully craft our syllabus to adapt to the needs of getting a child, primary school ready.

Holding strongly to our school’s philosophy, the believes and values flows through to our MISSION and MOTTO.

Our Mission

We seek to produce inspired learners, independent thinkers, future model citizens by:

  1. Providing our aged 3 to 6 children a safe, fun, and activity based learning environment through adapted Montessori based learning. We inspire curiosity, independence and love for learning in our child, while at the same time preparing them to be primary school ready.
  2. Using a systematic approach and syllabus, alongside with everyday lives’ teachable moments child, we integrate early character building and strive to foster the 5 core values of The Oak Tree in our children.
  3. Striving to have a transparent and honest communication between teachers-to-students, school-to-parents and school-to-community, for continual improvement and growth.