Our Values

We strive to embody these five core values as we believe if we could truly live it, our hearts will be set in the right place. Extending these values not only to the child but to every member at The Oak Tree.

1. Respect

We respect the self and others by accepting and understanding that we are all made different. Despite of that, we recognise and enjoy the diversity that each individual brings.

2. Kindness

Being friendly, caring and considerate to the self and others. Treating others in ways as you’d like others to treat you

3. Trust

As trust is pivotal to all meaningful and healthy relationships, we strive to create an environment where children and adults alike are safe as we believe in developing a home away from home for all.

4. Perseverance

To persist in anything undertaken, maintaining a purpose despite difficulties faced. By continuing steadfastly despite discouragement.

5. Integrity

To choose the right action instead of the easy way out. Having the right values developed over time, we want for The Oak Tree’s family to conduct oneself ethically with moral uprightness.

Our Mission

We seek to produce inspired learners, independent thinkers, future model citizens by:

  1. Providing our aged 3 to 6 children a safe, fun, and activity based learning environment through adapted Montessori based learning. We inspire curiosity, independence and love for learning in our child, while at the same time preparing them to be primary school ready.
  2. Using a systematic approach and syllabus, alongside with everyday lives’ teachable moments child, we integrate early character building and strive to foster the 5 core values of The Oak Tree in our children.
  3. Striving to have a transparent and honest communication between teachers-to-students, school-to-parents and school-to-community, for continual improvement and growth.