Preschool Programmes

Childhood should be a joyful journey! That’s what we believe in.

It remains as our guide and core in planning our preschool programmes for our children. Children at the age of 3 to 6 are very curious and make great development leap with an enermous interest for the world around them. They are eager to learn, to explore and at the same time exert their ever-growing independence. Our programmes therefore focus on the folllowing:

  • Fun-based and hands-on learning: With carefully designed activities, our children develop their speech, the sense of order, coordination of movement, independence and the foundation of arithmatic and language through specially formulated
  • Montessori materials and activities: Montessori and Thematic Integrated approach: We prepare our children for mainstream education in Year 1, be it International school, private school, Chinese or Kebangsaan national schools. We follow Malaysia Ministry of Education’s curriculum framework for Kindergarten (KSPK) while interweaving Montessori principles and teaching approach into everyday’s lessons and classroom activities.
  • Individual and small group based lessons: We believe every child is different and progresses at his/her own pace hence lessons are carried out on a one-to-one or small group basis.
  • No homework and exam policy for Nursery Group: Learning should be fun and not a chore. We do not believe in studying for exams and we believe in learning for the quest of knowledge. There is therefore no homework for children in the Nurery age groups and no exams across all age groups. Casual acessments are done during every individual lesson conducted with a child.
  • Development of key life skills; character building; inculcation of positive habits and attitudes towards learning and life. We strive to instill the values of Respect, Kindness, Trust, Preseverence, and Integrity in our little children heart and mind through storytelling, activities, daily routines and interactions and Montessori Grace and Courtesy projects and lessons.
  • Outdoor play and outdoor learning: We encourage outdoor playing and learning and believe that sun and dirt make memorable childhood!