About Us

At The Oak Tree we believe that change begins with the self. We are passionate about empowering the self, planting the seeds of Respect, Kindness, Trust, Perseverance and Integrity in every child. From the acorn to the big and mighty oak tree, that’s what we strive for!

The school is founded by a team of mothers, having given up their corporate careers to embark onto a journey of education and early childhood. Motivated by their own children, they believe that quality education does not only comprise of the academic components, but most importantly the education of the soul and spirit. Hence, an incorporation of character building elements in the school’s syllabus.

Our Philosophy

We adopt the Montessori method which focusses on the child’s experience lead by self-directed activities. The environment is prepared to adapt to the child’s developmental abilities.

Our Values

We strive to embody these five core values as we believe if we could truly live it, our hearts will be set in the right place.