“What the hand does the mind remembers.”


Our schools provide Montessori inspired education, interweaved with KSPK requirements in a tri-lingual environment. 

Who Are We?

We are a dedicated team of early childhood educators who wholeheartedly believe that CHILDHOOD SHOULD BE A JOYFUL JOURNEY. Our curriculum and approach are firmly grounded in this fundamental belief.
  • Montessori inspired
  • Hands-on and experiential learning
  • STEAM based approach
  • KSPK Aligned
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Timely progress and development feedback
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Strong emphasis on natural sensory stimulation through outdoor play
  • Unstructured playtime
  • Social skills development through active plays
  • Sweetened naturally by freshest ingredients
  • Home-cooked
  • Establish healthy eating habits
  • Exposure to diverse textures for enhanced speech development.

A Better Me,
A Better World.

"A better me, a better world" encapsulates the core philosophy of our schools, where we strive to shape children into compassionate, honest, curious and well-rounded individuals who positively impact the world around them.

Programmes we offer

Nursery and Preschool Classes

After School Enrichment

After School Extension

The Five Key Learning Areas in Montessori

In the Montessori approach, there are five key pillars that form the foundation of the educational philosophy:


Betsy's mom.

I love how The Oak Tree doesn't need to try hard to promote the school (no billboards, no posters etc). People who know Oak Tree, they know. It's an exclusive school yet reasonably priced. In terms of Betsy's development, she enrolled the school with anxieties and a few months prior to her appointment with a child psychiatrist. To our surprise (the teachers and my husband and I), she came out of her shell within the first few weeks of school. As a mother, I am glad I don't have to worry. I am confident she is in good hands in terms of education and emotional well-being.

Visa, mother of Rehan and Dhiivesh.

What we like most is the close communications between teachers and parents. All projects/ events are thoroughly planned down to the T. We feel our kids are safe when we send them there and most importantly— our kids love the school. I have teacher Devagi to thank for Rehan’s bahasa, and his reading improved loads after joining Oak Tree. Dhiivesh has neat writing. Thanks to teacher Suzie, teacher Pei Yong and the rest.

Selina, mother of Yu Chen

Teachers are very caring and patience. Yu Chen enjoys going to school everyday and we were impressed by the efforts the teachers put in during the sports day. We really appreciate for everything.

Mrs Cheong, mother of Rui

My child loves TOT, the teachers and her classmates very much. She looks forward to school every day. She said Oak Tree’s seaweed soup is the best!

Ms Teng, Xyn Ning’s mom

I would recommend TOT because the school provides the best, supportive and conducive environment which facilitates learning and meets children’s play needs. Besides, the teachers are professionally qualified, passionate, committed, patient and respectful. The small teacher-students ratio also adds marks to their studies, as the teachers can pay more attention, care and support to each student. Most importantly, my kid is enjoying her school life and I can feel her joy in learning!!

Cindy, mother of Ashley and Evan

Both my children spent three whole years in Oaktree and they had the most wholesome 3 years in the school. They enjoyed every single moment spent with the teachers and still miss the teachers even after graduating from Oaktree. Oaktree has helped me raised my children to become a better version of themselves. Forever grateful !!!

Winnie, Marcus’ mom

There’re a lot of activities which involved parents and kids like the Fire Station Visit & Sports Day that my son likes to join so much .

Declan’s mom

My son loves Cultural classes and outdoor activities the most. He learns more compared to our previous time, and as parents sometime we don't have time to teach him these things, great that he can learn from school. Not only academic, he has outdoor activities to make his balance school lifestyle (study life balance). Thumbs up. Overall, I feel quite impressed with TOT teaching style. I realize he can easily catch up the new words too, I believe teacher did a great job on this. Thanks 👍🏻

Kamillee, Caleb’s mom

As a parent I looked for a place where my kid would have the balance of learning and fun. Oaktree offered this and having a place with grass for the kids to get ‘dirty’ on.. was very much a plus point for me. The teachers are helpful and accommodating, from what my son says.. strict when they have to! So I see a very good place overall.

Paramasivam, Arthikan’s dad

My son likes going to school and i could see improvement in him reading and recognising more words. Happy with the progress.

Kristie, mother of Marcus and Meghan

Values taught in school such as being kind and independence and also teaching them about skills needed in the real world

Lay Kim, mother of Yan Yin and Yanson.

Teachers are very responsible and loving, I feel so secure to send my kids every morning. I can see my kids improving and learning new things everyday. I'm also glad to see Yan Yin improvement after joining the extra Mandarin classes. She picks up so fast and is able to read mandarin books independently now.

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“Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I remember, 
Involve me and I learn.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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